Happily surprised with this cooking pan


I purchased the 3Q Stainless Steel Pan (not the non-stick version). I was happily surprised with this pan after it arrived and am very impressed with the quality of this pan. Its much better than I expected from the Amazon photos. The base is thick and distributes heat evenly. The handle is attached with clean, strong rivets and the pot can be used on any stovetop surface or in the oven up to 350° F. I have a flattop glass range and the pot works wonderfully on it. The glass lid has a fast and slow pour strainer built in. And the number one reason I bought this pot is for the pouring spouts on the side. These work great -- I can pour boiling water into a mug or thicker liquids like soup with no spillage. The handle on the pot and lid stay cool, and the inside of the pot has very handy Q and L measurements. The quality of this pan makes it an incredible value for the price.

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